RSPB ramps birdcrime – Fieldsports News, 4 September 2019

In this week’s news:

RSPB’s birdcrime report
Capercaillie heads for extinction thanks to RSPB – blog
Wales plans to stop some pest bird control
Gamekeeping methods praised in wildfire report
Deerstalker finds deer tangled in rope – Facebook
ALF hits game farm – YouTube
UK government responds to Packham grouse ban petition – petition
Scottish government deer policy causes road accidents – press release
Far East buys 250,000 pheasants – press release
Drones save young deer
Gamekeepers raised cash for Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Richard Faulds wins British Open Sporting
Dorset farmer granted restraining order against vegan
Vegan animal shelter seperates cocks from hens over rape fears – Twitter
Europe plans lead ban – press release
Lions released in Zambezi Delta
Texas drops hunting licence for hogs
Trophy hunting good for biodiversity say scientists – Science Journal
Battle for the Bush and duck hunting in Australia – Facebook
Dilyn the Jack Russell vs Larry the Downing Street cat