Sab says hunt uses horses ‘as weapons’ – Fieldsports News, 9 September 2020

Here are the links:

Sab says hunt horse put him in hospital – Facebook
Anti-badger cull group’s website shut down
BBC bias backlash sparks social media warning – Daily Mail
Endangered birds thrive on Scotland’s grouse moors – Press & Journal
Hen harriers have ‘fantastic year’, with record-breaking fledglings – Fieldsports News
Fieldsports exempt from English six-person covid rules
Pheasant and partridge releases down in 2020
Government minister to speak at animal rights event – Daily Telegraph
Staring at seagulls scares them – Exeter University
Petition against Canada gun ban breaks record – True North
Trophy hunting and guns get the woke thumbs-up – podcast and YouTube
Elephant beats African man with his bicycle – Facebook and South African Independent
Spelling rebellion amuses moorland managers – Instagram

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