Sabs target Glorious Twelfth shoot

The Hunt Saboteurs Association claims it successfully disrupted a shoot on the first day of this year’s grouse season creating what it calls a ‘not so Glorious Twelfth’.

“Over 100 sabs descended on the Northern Peak District,” it claims. But it admits that after a few hours, the sabs couldn’t find any shoots to shut down so headed further north to Walshaw Estate in the Pennines.

Shoot shut down: guns leaving the area after sabs turned up


Despite claims about an “army of sabs”, none of the photos they have published show more than a dozen.

The group claims it found a shooting partyon moors above Widdop Reservoir near Burnley, according to the local Calder Valley hunt sabs, which said groups had come from all over the country.

One from Wales said it stoped sabbing by mid-morning.

Over and out: guns heading home after sabs ruin day


Under the title “The Inglorious Blast-ards!” North Wales Hunt Saboteurs accuses a shooter of trying to run over one of its members and damaging property.

After shooters left, police turned up, the group wrote on Facebook. It then claimed an angry shooter returned in his car and drove into one of them, knocking him down and running over another sab’s belongings.

The shooter accused of trying run over a sab


The group identified the driver as ‘Frank’ from a work ID card hanging from his rear-view mirror.

Police officers asked the driver to do a breathalyser test but did not take any other action, leaving the sabs disappointed.

Fair cops: police let shooter go after sabs’ accusation


The North Wales sabs also accuse police officers of getting “a bit nasty” by calling the sabs “irresponsible immature and immoral“.

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