Salmon Special – Fishing Britain, episode 29

For some of the most legendary salmon fishing in the world, go to Iceland and Norway. We are in both this week.

We start in Iceland on the falls of the River Ranger, where Hywel Morgan is trying one of his toughest Veniard 120 challenges yet. He has to tie flies including a tube fly in hand and catch a salmon in just two hours.

In the Casting Clinic, Hywel shows you how to stay safe when casting a double-handed salmon rod by becoming ambidextrous. He’s a Ninja with a rod, that man.

We also have a report from Max Hunt in Norway. He talks to fishermen there about concerns that the salmon are on the decline in many of their rivers. He finds out what measures need to be put in place to protect their future.

Big D is here as always with Fishing Britain News. This week we hear about a huge bass caught, washed up dead sharks in Wales and a great white shark choking on a sea lion.

Hooked on YouTube has more BIG fish, jiggy squid and sloppy pellets. What more could any angler need?

Here are the links to the individual items:

Veniards 120 Salmon Fly Challenge

Casting Clinic – Salmon Rod Ninja

Wild Salmon in Norway – The story so far…

Hooked on YouTube

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