Savage 110 High Country rifle – review


The Savage Model 110 is the oldest continuously-manufactured bolt-action rifle in the USA. Call something a ‘High Country’ and it means this is a the version that breaks new borders, that’s used by pioneers and true outdoorsmen. North Carolinans have a western part of their state they call the High Country, and it’s the nickname for the Colorado Plateau. Chevrolet makes a non-nonsense version of its Silverado model called ‘High Country’.

Savage says its High Country version is built to “maximise accuracy”. Central to this is the AccuStock system, explains Rob Dunlea-Jones. “The receiver sits into Savage’s AccuStock chassis system, the concept being you’ve got an aluminium chassis running throughout the entire gun which gives that rigidity and stability that you need.”

Rob using a Savage 110 High Country


Rob works for Edgar Brothers, which imports the rifle to the UK.

The 110 High Country come with another Savage innovation – the AccuTrigger – a fully-adjustable system to get the pull you want that’s also a safety feature.

“With AccuTrigger, as well as being able to adjust it as well for pressure, the safety feature that’s built in on this trigger means that it is pretty much drop safe and drop test safe as well,” says Rob. “The safety system on the trigger is a superb.”

Besides being accurate, it’s also robust, with a 2-4 micron PVD coating on the barrels ensuring “durability out in the field”, Rob says. PVD coating is used on military small arms to protect them in the field.

Savage’s AccuTrigger improves performance and safety


At the end of the barrel is a 5/8-24 thread for attachments. The gun also comes with a detachable magazine and comes in wide selection of calibres.

Additional height combs and butt shims mean the gun can be modified to fit shooters of most sizes.

The Model 110 series is a range of Savage centrefire rifles. Savages are better known as rimfire rifles, and are in the top ten brands owned by Fieldsports Channel viewers.

Retail price for the 110 high Country is £1,500. Find out more on the Edgar Brothers website.

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