Schools Challenge TV – CLA Game Fair preview

With the CLA Game Fair is just weeks away, the organisers have invited the press to discover what it’s all about.

For discounted tickets to the 2015 CLA Game Fair at Harewood House in Yorkshire (31 July – 2 August) go to (subject to availability)

An event that attracts nearly 150,000 people also attracts the attention of the local constabulary. Here’s what the local top cop thinks of the Game Fair. Meanwhile, the Game Fair’s head of PR is spreading the message about what a great show it’s going to be.

The Schools Challenge has an integral role in this year’s CLA Game Fair. It is providing four ‘young ambassadors’, charged with taking the message about the game fair out there and encouraging tomorrow’s countryside enthusiasts to come to the show. Find out more in this week’s show.

It is going to be a celebration of the British countryside. For tickets to this year’s CLA Game Fair, go to

For more about TSC go to

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