Seeland Buckthorn – waterproof, rugged legwear

Tough, rugged, waterproof protection for your legs is essential for beaters, stalkers, keepers and others working in the countryside. And if there’s one thing about Seeland’s Buckthorn range, it’s tough, says gamekeeper and deer manager David Whitby.

“We expect our beaters to go through cover, whatever that might be – thorns, brambles and worse,” he says. “Buckthorn will keep you dry, and it’ll stop your legs being pulled to pieces. This stuff is very durable and relatively inexpensive. You can easily carry it in your game bag ready for when you need it.”

The treggings are ideal if you wear wellingtons

David particularly likes the fact there are three different items available in the range, so there’s something for everyone, whether you wear wellies or, like him, prefer traditional boots. “The leggings are great because they zip all the way down the sides. You don’t have to remove your boots to get the leggings on and off, or slide them over muddy boots.”

The leggings zip up the sides, so you don't have to remove your boots

For walking through shorter vegetation, such as heather, David likes the gaiters. “They’re fantastic, rugged and totally waterproof,” he says. “Then if you’re a welly wearer the treggings are ideal.”

Prices are £39.99 for the gaiters, £59.99 for the treggings, and £89.99 for the leggings.

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The gaiters work well with boots when you're not walking through tall, wet cover

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