Shooters hand out free meat to NHS workers

Need meat? Shooters can provide.

With butchers and supermarkets across the country seeing panic buying, deerstalkers and pigeonshooters are offering free meat to the needy.

Using Facebook to bring together both the customers and the providers, Game Relief already has 500 members – and it is growing fast.

One of the admins, Sergio Couto, a Portuguese stalker based in Scotland, has already started making deliveries.

Four venison parcels Sergio Couto delivered to non hunting families in Scotland – “I did not need to see anyone, will press the bell and walk way,” he says.

“We can make the difference,” he says.

Some members of the group are inspired by news of NHS workers coming off shift and being unable to buy meat in shops. “Like many of us, my wife Pam and I were appalled by the video on Friday of a healthcare worker who came off her 48-hour shift to find that, due to the incredible selfishness of a greedy minority, she coudln’t buy food for herself,” says Robin Marshall-Ball, who is based in Wiltshire. He had 45 portions of venison he was due to sell at the cancelled West of England Game Fair, and is now distributing them locally to NHS workers.

“I have these to offer I shot them today 19 birds which I will breast out for anyone interested and can deliver in the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area,” says Martin Davidson.

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