Shooting accidents – when insurers don’t pay out

When Alfie Oldring was shot in the stomach in an accident in a pigeon hide, he thought his shooting association insurance would pay out for temporary injury or loss of earnings. He was wrong.

Here is what five shooting organisations cover:

BASC: Permanent injury, not temporary injury
The insurance package that comes with BASC membership specifically mentions personal accident and cover. It pays £50,000 for permanent injury. However, does not cover temporary injury. No mention of negligence or liability in accident cover. Public liability cover also does not cover you for injury and recovery. Permanent injury, not temporary injury‘s ‘Triple Barrelled Cover’ starts at £66.15 a year and offers benefits including permanent injury cover. The basic insurance package, at £49 a year, is designed only to protect you from someone making an accident claim against you, not for an injury to yourself. It includes £10 million liability cover for employees, such as loaders and drivers but has no injury cover.

Countryside Alliance: Permanent injury, not temporary injury
The CA offers personal accident cover, which does not cover temporary injury. Its public liability cover works only when someone is liable.

CPSA: Permanent injury, not temporary injury
Mentions negligence in personal liability. It only covers personal accident if it is permanent so no insurance if you recover fully. No cover if you have alcohol in your system. It includes £10 million liability cover for accidental bodily injury to third parties and / or damage to third party property arising from negligence only.

NGO: No injury cover
The NGO’s membership insurance does not cover personal injury nor damage to personal property. The insurance provides public liability cover only – in other words if you were to injure somebody else or damage someone else’s property. Approx £3.50 of membership fee covers public liability.

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Alfie Oldring, shot in the stomach in an accident in a pigeon hide

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