We surveyed you for shooting kit in March 2020 and 3,500 of you told us what you use. We had more than 1,800 responses to our surveys for clay, game and pigeon shotgun cartridges, and here are the results:

We asked you to give us a star rating for your favourite cartridge’s killability, its reliability and its value for money.

The clay pigeon shooting market is price sensitive, with second place going to ‘the cheapest’ – you say you don’t care what you shoot.

First place – most popular clay cartridge of 2020 among Fieldsports Channel viewers – is the Gamebore White Gold. Winner for killability and reliability is the Gamebore Black Gold, winner for value for money is the Winchester AA.

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Overall, Gamebore has more than a quarter of the clay cartridge market among our viewers, with Eley-Hawk in second place with 21% and Hull Cartridge third with 16%.

Clayshooting cartridge market share

Game shooters are less price sensitive. Gamebore Pigeon Extreme gets your vote for killability, Gamebore Dark Storm is top cartridge for reliability, and the winner for value for money is the Hull Cartridge Three Crowns.

Gameshooting cartridge market share

So what’s the most popular game cartridge overall? It’s the Gamebore Black Gold. Among our viewers, Gamebore has nearly 40% of the game shooting market with Eley-Hawk a long way in second place with 17%.

If you want to know just how hard it’s going to be for the shooting organisations to get game shooters to turn away from lead, the only non-lead cartridge to make it on to our top 20 biggest-sellers is the Gamebore Super Steel right down at the bottom. Just 9% of viewers shoot steel, bismuth or Hevi-Shot as a first choice and a quarter of those are exclusively wildfowlers, so they have to by law.

Finally, pigeon shooting, where one cartridge reigns supreme. Before we come to that, the top shotshell for killability is the Gamebore Black Gold, favourite cartridge for reliability is the Hull Cartridge High Pheasant, and not the cheapest but the value-for-money choice is the Gamebore Velocity, according to our viewers.

Pigeon shooting cartridge market share


Gamebore has 45% of the pigeon cartridge market. And your top pick for pigeons in 2020, a single cartridge with a quarter of the market all by itself, is the Gamebore Clear Pigeon.

The winners

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