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With crops cut and pigeons still piling in to neighbouring standing wheat, Andy Crow calls in help. He sets up for a big day’s shooting with bubbles/hides dotted everywhere and willing helpers in place with slabs of cartridges. We take a close look at those cartridges with the results of our survey. Find out which are the most popular cartridges from our super lockdown Fieldtester survey, answers by 3,500 of you. We are in Scotland to look at how the Scottish Government’s forestry service is cutting down trees during the nesting season. And Captain Copper, Andrew Venables, review what he reckons is the best bullet for foxes: the Barnes Varmint Grenade. Charlie rounds up the best hunting videos in this week’s Hunting YouTube, and David is on the News Stump, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News
Anti welcomes Charlton death – Fieldsports News
RSPB plots largescale shooting sports ban – Infographic PDF  – Summary PDF Shooting community interviews PDF
BASC budgets for future fights against antis – Fieldsports News
Dog theft increasing in Ireland – Facebook and local newspaper
Lammergeier sighting sparks persecution claims – BBC
Pine martens booming in England – Guardian
Animal rights extremists turn landmark fountains red – Guardian
Raccoon dog caught and killed in Wales – BBC
Cash to shoot wild boar in Norway – local newspaper
Top Kiwi court supports hunters in fight against tahr cull – Facebook
US soldiers learn bowhunting – US Marines press release
Swordfish sightings in Scotland spark media battle – Edinburgh Live and Twitter

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