Green Party shame – Fieldsports News, 15 July 2020



Here are the links:

Anti welcomes Charlton death – Fieldsports News
RSPB plots largescale shooting sports ban – Infographic PDF  – Summary PDF Shooting community interviews PDF
BASC budgets for future fights against antis – Fieldsports News
Dog theft increasing in Ireland – Facebook and local newspaper
Lammergeier sighting sparks persecution claims – BBC
Pine martens booming in England – Guardian
Animal rights extremists turn landmark fountains red – Guardian
Raccoon dog caught and killed in Wales – BBC
Cash to shoot wild boar in Norway – local newspaper
Top Kiwi court supports hunters in fight against tahr cull – Facebook
US soldiers learn bowhunting – US Marines press release
Swordfish sightings in Scotland spark media battle – Edinburgh Live and Twitter

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