Nesting season clearfell shock

  Ben O’Rourke On the main street in Harthill is a welcome sign with a picture of a man wearing a helmet, a nod to its history as a coal mining town. About half a mile north there’s a line of wind turbines, which some see as a sign of cleaner, greener times. Shooter and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Andy Crow’s Bubble on the Stubble

  With crops cut and pigeons still piling in to neighbouring standing wheat, Andy Crow calls in help. He sets up for a big day’s shooting with bubbles/hides dotted everywhere and willing helpers in place with slabs of cartridges. We take a close look at those cartridges with the results of our survey. Find out […]

Best shotgun cartridges 2020

  We surveyed you for shooting kit in March 2020 and 3,500 of you told us what you use. We had more than 1,800 responses to our surveys for clay, game and pigeon shotgun cartridges, and here are the results: We asked you to give us a star rating for your favourite cartridge’s killability, its […]

Green Party shame – Fieldsports News, 15 July 2020

    Here are the links: Anti welcomes Charlton death – Fieldsports News RSPB plots largescale shooting sports ban – Infographic PDF  – Summary PDF – Shooting community interviews PDF BASC budgets for future fights against antis – Fieldsports News Dog theft increasing in Ireland – Facebook and local newspaper Lammergeier sighting sparks persecution claims […]

On Test: Barnes Varmint Grenade

  Andrew Venables has cooked up what he reckons is the perfect copper varminting cartridge, using the Barnes Varmint Grenade. He looks at how the Varmint Grenade works and how to get the best from it. Click here for Andrew’s film about the perfect copper deer bullet. For more from Andrew, visit

Pigeon Harvest Festival

  Andy Crow has cut a couple of crops, so it’s time to set up for a pigeon shooting day on the stubbles. He puts friends and family in hides all over the farm and they end up shooting more than 700 pigeons. Plus he explains why shooting over stubbles is essential pest control under […]

BASC moves against Wild Justice ‘legal warfare’

BASC is launching a new legal fighting fund. The account will hold ring-fenced reserves of £1 million+ that will enable the association to push forward with what it calls ‘proactive legal initiatives’ to help secure the future of shooting. In addition, it will enable BASC to launch defences to disruptive legal challenges that could, says […]


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