Stalker reviews the Emberleaf knife

Nathan Whitehead has used many different knives in his work as a stalker and deer manager, but he has no intention of changing now he has an Emberleaf knife.

“It was gifted to me by two good friends,” he explains. “This one must have done getting on for 150 deer, and all I’ve ever used on it is a strop. It really holds its edge. With my old knives I’d be getting the Lansky out and spending an hour or so sharpening them every fortnight.”

As well as holding its edge, Nathan finds that the knife shape fits the hand well. The textured G10 scales give a good grip, but don’t absorb any blood and are easy to wipe clean.

Nathan reckons he's processed around 150 deer with his knife and only ever used a strop to keep it sharp

Nathan’s knife is the Garron model, with orange scales and glow-in-the-dark green liners. “That means you can find it in the dark or the daylight, so you’re not going to lose it – which is why I was always reluctant to invest a lot of money in a knife,” he says.

“The knife comes with a lovely sheath too, so I can be confident it’s not going to fall out. All in all it’s very well made, a brilliant knife.”

Prices for Emberleaf knives start around £450. Find out more at

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