Best hunting knives 2020

 Everyone has an opinion about their knife – not always good. Fieldsports Channel viewers are often critical of their own blades. Perhaps the perfect

How to make a hunting knife

  Master knifemaker Alan Johnson talks through the process, including choosing steel, cutting a shape, grinding an edge, making and fitting a handle, and the

Knifemaker YouTube channel ranking

These is the list of top knifemaker channels on YouTube. From knife-sharpening how-to videos to films about using knives in the field, they are vying

Knife buyer’s guide

  Knife maker Phil Siddell explains the three things to look for in a new knife: tang, steel and edge geometry. ▶ Find Phil on


Roy’s Talon Knife from Emberleaf

Falconer Roy Lupton wants to commemorate one of his favourite birds. He does it by commissioning Emberleaf Knives to create one of their masterpieces, using

How to Sharpen a Knife on a Stone

So you have your new gritstone and you want to sharpen your knife? Emberleaf knifemaker Joel Andreas shows the best technique. For more from Emberleaf,

Choosing a Knife Shape

Choosing a Knife Shape

What’s the best shape of knife for what you want out of a knife? plus – once you have chosen it – grinding, stropping and

Emberleaf – a Knife for Life

  They are among the most beautiful knives you can buy, with Damascus blades and mammoth ivory handles. We visit Emberleaf to see how to


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