Fieldsports Britain – Wild Boar in your Sights

Shooting is the easy bit, compared to cooking, stuffing, and stalking wild boar. Tim Pilbeam is looking at all four at the home of French hunting, the Sologne region south of Paris. French stalker JP Bourgneuf shows Tim why wild boar are such a rewarding animal to hunt. Meanwhile, Charlie is in Brussels to hear […]

Big French Boar

How to get close to the big wild boar of the Sologne region of France? Tim Pilbeam has packed his rucksack and rifle, and is out with French stalker JP Bourgneuf of They get close – but it’s hard to tell what sex the animals are. At last, they find a big one and […]

Africa begs Europe: let us hunt wildlife

There are wildlife winners in Africa and wildlife losers. The wildlife winners are the countries that promote hunting. The wildlife losers, where animals are being slaughtered to extinction, are the countries where hunting is banned. Charlie Jacoby talks to some of the big noises behind big game hunting in Africa, as they appeal to MEPs […]


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