George Digweed – ultimate crow shooting – 585 in the bag

Throughout his career world champion shot George Digweed MBE has been promised big bags. Few have delivered. However, Andy Crow knows he’s got huge numbers of crows and jackdaws building on his fields so brings George in to work his magic. With just a week before his next world championships George puts in a fantastic […]

Max Hunt’s taxidermist – how to mount a wild boar head

Max Hunt’s taxidermist – how to mount a wild boar head

Taxidermy is an underrated art form. There aren’t many hunters or stalkers out there who haven’t shelled out for a shoulder mount only to be stitched up in one way or another by someone who either lacks talent or scruples, leaving you wondering if that really is your roebuck. Max Hunt gets his mounts done […]

Fieldsports Britain – Colossal crow shoot

It’s shooting skill like you may never have seen it. Crows, rooks and jackdaws are ravaging Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow’s arable farm in the South-East of England. A good breeding season means they are out in plague proportions and, once Andy’s crops are devastated, they will face starvation. The best shot in the world, George Digweed, […]


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