Fieldsports Britain – Hunting the Mighty Sheep

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘sheep’. Tim Pilbeam is up mountains in Spanish heat after craghopping Barbary sheep in this week’s episode of Fieldsports Britain. Plus there is a party of stalkers from gunmaker Browning stalking red stags on the Balmacaan estate in Inverness-shire. There is News Stump, there is Hunting YouTube, and we […]

Barbary Sheep Hunt

Tim Pilbeam is after sheep in Spain – Barbary sheep. It’s a tough mountain hunt. To go hunting in Spain, visit For Sauer rifles, go to For Harkila clothing, go to This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 356.  To watch the whole show go to

Deerstalking at Balmacaan Estate, Inverness-shire

Deerstalking at Balmacaan Estate, Inverness-shire

A team from gunmaker Browning are stalking red stags in the Highlands of Scotland. Stalker Jimmy Gibbs has a plan – but there are a bunch of people out to wreck his day. Find out what happens… To go stalking at Balmacaan, email Lachie Smith For more from Browning, go to This film […]


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