How to tip the Gamekeeper

Don’t be intimidated by the funny way shooters tip keepers. Here is what to do if you are asked on a driven bird shoot in the UK. And how much should you tip? Is it £20 + £20 per hundred birds? Is it £70 for a loader? Leave your comments below. This item is sponsored […]

Driven Fox and Fabulous Fallow

For eight years, Roy has been stalking up to one of the finest fallow bucks he has seen in the UK – and letting it go. Is it time for him to shoot the ten-year-old animal? It’s a question as old as hunting itself. For more about Aimpoint sights, visit This film was first […]

Crow’s Autumn Pigeon-Shooting Tips

Andy Crow wants to protect his maize crop from pigeons – and he is also lookg forward to a big day as he has seen birds settling on the fields in recent weeks. But suddenly they are more interested in beechmast. Here is how he copes. Decoying kit from UK Shoot Warehouse Clothes and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting Pigeons on the Beech

Andy Crow is shooting pigeons and Roy Lupton is on a driven wild boar hunt plus stalking in to a monster fallow buck in Sweden. Andy sets up the decoys as normal – but he faces the problem that the birds are feeding on beech mast, which is making them difficult to attract. Roy’s problem […]


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