Fieldsports Britain – Shooting Pigeons on the Beech

Andy Crow is shooting pigeons and Roy Lupton is on a driven wild boar hunt plus stalking in to a monster fallow buck in Sweden. Andy sets up the decoys as normal – but he faces the problem that the birds are feeding on beech mast, which is making them difficult to attract. Roy’s problem is simply the number of huge fallow bucks, plus the difficulty of shooting animals on the run. Find out how they both get on in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. That’s not all. Edward King explains the mysteries of how to tip the gamekeeper, Hunting YouTube brings you the latest top hunting films on #YouTube, plus David is all dressed up thanks to Baleno clothing in order to read this week’s News.

Here are the #YouTube links to the items:
▶ Crow on pigeons

Decoying kit from UK Shoot Warehouse
Clothes and camo from Jack Pyke
Clear Pigeon cartridges Gamebore
Crow shoots a Beretta

▶ Roy on foxes and fallow

For more about Aimpoint sights, visit

▶ Shoot Curious?

Gamebore cartridges
AYA guns

▶ Here are the links from News:
The grouseshooting debate on
Aeroplane lands after hitting deer:
For more about David’s clothes, go to

Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Into the wilderness
MCQ Bushcraft
Leszek Kamińśki
Nigel Humphreys
Colin Humphreys
Adventurer Ali
Coopers Hill
Jægernes Magasin

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