Fieldsports Britain – Snow Hare Hunt

Watch eagle acrobatics as they hunt mountain hares in Scotland. The Angus Glens are a winter wonderland and Roy Lupton is there to catch hares for the pot with his golden eagle, plus there’s always a chance of a rabbit with the goshawk. Plus Charlie Jacoby is in Devon and Cornwall after snipe, woodcock and […]

Snipe, Woodcock and Golden Plover Shoot

Charlie Jacoby enjoys a couple of days shooting wild birds in Cornwall and West Devon. The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust says British shooters should exercise restraint when shooting woodcock this shooting season because of their poor breeding season in Western Russia in 2017. What do shooters think? ▶ For more about shooting at the […]

#Eaglecam 2

Ride on the back of an eagle as it catches mountain hares in Scotland. We mount a tiny camera on the back of Roy Lupton’s golden eagle, and he takes it. Out after hares in the Angus Glens. We film incredible flights and hunts from a distance and from right up close. ▶ Roy’s clothing […]


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