Niall Rowantree and all things deer – FieldsportsChannel Podcast ep03

Niall Rowantree is the subject of episode 3 of the Fieldsports Podcast. Niall is the man behind our successful series A Year in the Life of Red Deer, and he and David are now filming The Scottish Sporting Year, a new series that covers all kind of wildlife management in Scotland and takes Niall as […]

How to shoot on-report pairs – Smokin’ Targets with Ben Husthwaite

You get the first shot right, but you are already keyed up for the second, which you know is going to appear on report. Champion shot Ben Husthwaite gives his tips on how to remain cool and give that second clay everything you gave the first. ▶ Ben Husthwaite is sponsored by Gamebore cartridges ▶ […]

How to use a walking stick as a shooting stick

A good stick and long pockets is all you need – not because you need to pay for anything, but because Niall Rowantree has a technique for putting your stick in your pocket to make the ideal rifle rest for a standing shot. ▶ For more about Blaser in the UK, visit ▶ For […]

Squirrels with a .22-250

Can you have too much gun when you’re shooting squirrels. Gamekeeper Paul Childerley says he has to use a .22-250 because he cannot get close enough to them to use a rimfire or 17HMR. He takes us on squirrel shooting outing on his ground in Bedfordshire, UK. Paul Childerley is an ambassador for: ▶ Zeiss ▶ […]

Fieldsports Britain – Drive-by Squirrel Shooting

Paul Childerley has to deal with pesky squirrels – and they are at such long ranges that he has to use a rifle he normally reserves for small deer. It’s a problem many gamekeepers will know. Meanwhile, Niall Rowantree has a top tip for anyone wanting to shoot off a crook. And Ben Husthwaite has […]


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