Fieldsports Britain – Drive-by Squirrel Shooting

Paul Childerley has to deal with pesky squirrels – and they are at such long ranges that he has to use a rifle he normally reserves for small deer. It’s a problem many gamekeepers will know. Meanwhile, Niall Rowantree has a top tip for anyone wanting to shoot off a crook. And Ben Husthwaite has the last in his series Smokin’ Targets, this time how to shoot targets on-report. There is the News Stump, and Hunting YouTube offers the best of the week’s crop of hunting films on YouTube. Once again, it is all in this episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Shooting off sticks

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Smokin’ Targets

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Welsh Government wants to close down pheasant shooting
Christophe Auvret wins world FITASC
Hunting popularity booms in Australia
US may lighten restrictions on trophy imports
Kyrgyz falconry display
The Game Fair
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