Fieldsports Britain – Roe Deer Calling Spectacular

It’s the roe deer rut. Equipped, as he is, with Luptonite, deerstalker Roy Lupton is able to bring in not just roe does and roe bucks but a surprised stoat with his buttolo call. Roy is being a ‘goldilocks’ stalker. He doesn’t want to shoot a buck that’s too small or one that’s going to […]

Roy calls bucks… and vermin

Roy calls bucks… and vermin

Want to see Britain’s prettiest deer? Go out with a deer stalker at the end of July and you will be treated to the sight of the roe rut, the time of year when roebucks show themselves and chase each other around as they compete for the attentions of roe does. Roy Lupton is able […]

How to shoot grouse – Smokin’ Targets Game Flavoured with Mark Winser

Champion shot Mark Winser explains how to shoot driven grouse, using the excellent grouse layout at Royal Berkshire Shooting School. ▶ The film is sponsored by Gamebore ▶ We filmed it at Royal Berkshire Shooting School ▶ For Mark Winser Coaching, visit ▶ Click here for all of Mark’s films on Fieldsports […]

Pigeons over Rape Stubble

Jaf Jefferson is out on rape stubble that’s about to be redrilled. The farmer wants the pigeon numbers knocked back and Jaf’s the man for the job. Plus he has his own top tips for pigeon shooters. ▶ Jaf’s own YouTube channel ▶ Click here for all of Jaf’s films on Fieldsports Channel This film […]

Big Bag Days: are shooters being too greedy? – Fieldsports Channel Podcast episode 4

Charlie Jacoby chairs a panel at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre 2018 on driven pheasant and grouse shooting. On the panel are: Patrick Galbraith, editor, Shooting Times Simon Hart MP Mark Osborne, sporting agent and gunmaker, William Powell Sir Jim Paice, chairman, GWCT Questions and clarifications from the audience come from: Tim Bonner, Countryside […]


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