Antis, grouse, deer and gators – Fieldsports News

▶ Grouse moor sabs in Swaledale ▶ Badger cull farmers get death threats ▶ Baileys Shooting and Country Wear opens shop ▶ Jamaica calls on bird shooters to cull deer ▶ South Africa puts leopard back on the quarry list ▶ Illinois hunters can wear pink ▶ US alligator season on Twitter and Facebook Impressive 12 […]

How Aaron came up with ‘Planet Deer’

On a regular basis our production editor Aaron Jones has to rattle the logo tree and see if he can get another sweet logo to fall on to his head, bounce off and land on the screen for clients. See it’s not just all about making great films. This logo was for, who wanted […]

Fieldsports Britain – Planet Deer

This week: the massive stags of New Zealand. We are looking at deer hunting and management all over the world thanks to our sponsors. In the first of our series Planet Deer, Scottish deer expert Niall Rowantree visits South Island, which has turned the red deer from a pest into a major industry. He meets […]

Deer heart wraps – recipe

Deer don’t just yield roast haunch and tender venison backstraps. Here is Cai Ap Bryn’s recipe for delicious deer heart wraps. Ingredients: ▶ 1 deer heart ▶ 6 tortilla wraps ▶ Mexican rub – any or all of paprika, garlic salt, ground cumin, ground coriander, black pepper, cayenne, onion powder and a pinch of salt […]

The biggest red stags on the planet

How did New Zealand produce the largest red deer the world has ever seen? In the first in our series Planet Deer, Scottish deer expert Niall Rowantree goes to the other side of the world to find out and tell the story of New Zealand’s remarkable animals, how they are managed, hunted and farmed. He […]


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