Botswana reverses animal rights lunacy

The government in Botswana is considering a substantial reform to the country’s wildlife management policy. Included in the reform is the re-opening of hunting on government lands and the re-opening of elephant hunting. The former administration ended Botswana’s five-year tragic experiment in wildlife management when it adopted policies dictated by animal rights extremists. The administration […]

Fieldsports Britain – Wolf after a Kudu

Professional deer manager Paul Childerley goes outside his comfort zone, stalking kudu in South Africa. He is using the new Sako 85 Carbon Wolf and, guided by local PH Nico Els, he learns how different the Eastern Cape bush is from Bedfordshire. This is the first in his Barrels & Brass series. Meanwhile, with the […]

On Test: Sako 85 Carbon Wolf

Professional wildlife manager Paul Childerley puts the Sako 85 Carbon Wolf in 6.5 Creedmoor through its paces on kudu in South Africa. He is hunting with PH Nico Els in the Eastern Cape. ▶ For more information about Sako rifles and bullets including the Sako 85 Carbon Wolf, go to ▶ The East Cape […]


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