Fieldsports Britain – Crow and Doyle go Shooting

Crow is partridge shooting, and a few pegs away is Jason Doyle, over in England to test himself against south-of-England driven birds. It’s an excellent day, organised by clothing company Jack Pyke, and Andy Crow is shooting well. Of course, it’s not competitive between Jason and Andy… but then there is the question of who […]

Ferreting a Graveyard

Ilminster Graveyard in Somerset has a rabbit problem and Ilminster Town Council needs to solve it. Who you gonna call? The South Somerset Ferreters step up and take on this tricky job. Just remember – no digging! ▶ Click here for South Somerset Ferreters on YouTube ▶ Click here for South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook […]

Roy Lupton learns to dart deer

Mike Allison from Jelen Premier Wildlife Services is an expert on darting deer. He is the man that Roy Lupton turns to in order to learn how to do it: how to use the dart gun, how to get the dose right, and how to revive the animal afterwards. Here is how he gets on, […]

Crow shoots partridge in Bedfordshire

Andy Crow gets the call-up to a driven partridge shoot in Bedfordshire. As part of his Crowhow series, he is enjoying the hospitality of Jack Pyke, alongside our Fieldsports Ireland presenter Jason Doyle. The two of them have lovely day’s shooting in glorious English countryside and… competitive? Perish the thought. Andy is sponsored by: ▶ […]


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