Fieldsports Britain – Crow and Doyle go Shooting

Crow is partridge shooting, and a few pegs away is Jason Doyle, over in England to test himself against south-of-England driven birds. It’s an excellent day, organised by clothing company Jack Pyke, and Andy Crow is shooting well. Of course, it’s not competitive between Jason and Andy… but then there is the question of who shoots the pigeon?

That’s not all. Roy Lupton is learning how to dart deer. He has a new park full of fallow deer to manage, and he goes on a course to learn the basics with Jelen Premier Wildlife Services. He gets sika deer in his sights.

And it’s Halloween, so hide behind the sofa, because tonight the South Somerset Ferreters are ferreting a graveyard (say ‘Wooooooo!’ spookily).

This week’s Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer is the new, much talked-about FF6 Flapper from Flightline Decoys, normally priced at £109.97 including postage that we have brought down to £75, a pigeon-whacking 32% discount. We give away a pair of Kite Optics Petrel binoculars, there is News and Hunting Youtube – all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Partridge shoot

Andy is sponsored by:
Vario Ear Plugs
Jack Pyke
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Darting deer

For Jelen Premier Wildlife Services, go to
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Here is our our film about rhino darting


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News is sponsored by Percussion
Foxhunting ban more cruel to foxes than no ban, says report
Find a diseased hare? email
Edinburgh Rifles‘ new shop
Britain’s youngest gundog trainer?
STV News gets eagle story wrong
French foxshooters get €500 for 35 brushes
Curiosity nearly kills the fox
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▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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