Birds kill 200 lambs on a single Isle of Wight farm

We visit Cheverton Farm on the Isle of Wight, where ravens, crows and other birds have killed 200 lambs in spring 2019. The farm has a herd of 1,750 sheep. However, this is just the start. Natural England and the Roy Dennis Foundation want to impose 60 sea eagles on the Isle of Wight. Farmers […]

On Test: seven different carbon-stock rifles

Gun reviewer Tim Pilbeam has more than £50,000-worth of rifles to test. He looks at the latest carbon rifles from manufacturers including Blaser, Mauser, Sauer, Sako, Browning, Christensen Arms and Dane & Co – and a Canyon bike. ▶ Blaser R8 Carbon Success ▶ Browning Bolt Pro Carbon ▶ Christensen Arms Ridgeline ▶ Sauer 404 […]

Fieldsports Britain – Tim’s crackers about carbon rifles

New materials are revolutionising rifles. The same carbon technology that’s creating amazing new bicycles, tennis rackets and fishing rods has come to guns. Tim gathers together seven examples, from Browning, Blaser, Sako, Sauer, Mauser and Dane & Co, gives them all the once-over and looks at increasing his carbon footprint. We are also reporting form […]


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