Fieldsports Britain – Tim’s crackers about carbon rifles

New materials are revolutionising rifles. The same carbon technology that’s creating amazing new bicycles, tennis rackets and fishing rods has come to guns. Tim gathers together seven examples, from Browning, Blaser, Sako, Sauer, Mauser and Dane & Co, gives them all the once-over and looks at increasing his carbon footprint. We are also reporting form the Isle of Wight, where birds kill 200 lambs this season on a single farm – and now Natural England wants to release 60 sea eagles there. In his Smokin’ Targets series, Ben Husthwaite has a simple tip for clay shooters: use your core not your hands when trying to get on to the target. Plus there’s News and Hunting YouTube in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links:

Carbon rifles

Blaser R8 Carbon Success
Browning Bolt Pro Carbon
Christensen Arms Ridgeline
Sauer 404 XTC
Sako 85 Carbonlight
Dane & Co
Blaser K95 Ultimate Carbon
For Canyon bikes, go to
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Isle of Wight sea eagles

Find out more at
Here’s the antis’ argument

Smokin’ targets

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Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer

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Fieldsports News
General licences dominate the news
Corvid attacks on livestock from Lisa Bowring
Birdwatchers protest against ‘epic’ numbers of pest birds (Facebook)
More antis take Natural England to court
Official: badgers cause hedgehog decline
Fire crews tackle blaze at hunt kennels
Essex votes in favour of trail hunting
Ofcom investigates BBC over anti-hunt bias
Animal Aid runs anti-shooting adverts on London buses
Hunting debate: Jens-Ulrik Hogh vs Kevin Pietersen on ITV’s This Morning
The impacts of grey squirrels –  film
Rhino calf and its dead mother
Jaguar takes dog
Clouded leopard killed

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