Falcon attacks drone

How do you train your falcon? Until recently, it was by experience. Now you can get it to have a go at drones. Roy Lupton flies birds at a ‘Drone Crow’. For your own bird-shaped drone, visit Rofalconry.com

Tahr Meat Hunt

New Zealand has a pest problem. Happily, they are both a sporting shot and delicious. Niall Rowantree goes to a farm to help deal with the tahr. Niall is in in Zealand with Magic Safari Lodges  and Venator Cardona Safaris

Fieldsports Britain – Tackling New Zealand’s alien invasion

What to do about great big aliens tearing up the countryside? New Zealand’s government says it has a problem with a Himalayan goat species. Niall Rowantree says that tahr are a sporting asset. He goes on a pest control trip in New Zealand to test his theory. Meanwhile, Roy is training his birds to attack […]


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