Fieldsports Britain – Tackling New Zealand’s alien invasion

What to do about great big aliens tearing up the countryside? New Zealand’s government says it has a problem with a Himalayan goat species. Niall Rowantree says that tahr are a sporting asset. He goes on a pest control trip in New Zealand to test his theory. Meanwhile, Roy is training his birds to attack corvids – and he is using a drone dressed up as a crow. We have a promo for the new Leica Fortis scope, News and Hunting YouTube in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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Niall is in in Zealand with Magic Safari Lodges  and Venator Cardona Safaris


For your own bird-shaped drone, visit

African Hunter

Podcast: Robin Page

Leica Fortis
For more about Leica’s scopes, go to

Fieldsports News
CITES fallout – Facebook
RSPCA pays £200k salary.
Labour plans crackdown on African wildlife – press release
2022 Commonwealth Games
EU report says mountain hare numbers declining
First sea eagles released in south of England
Stuffed animal lands former biology teacher with criminal record
Mumsnet says cheer when hunters die – website
Gun auctions underway – Facebook
Maltese hunters celebrate St Julian’s day – Facebook
African Swine Fever hits Slovakia – website
New Zealand kills 10,000 tahr
New South Wales changes deer status from game to feral pests
Canadian kills grizzly in kitchen – Facebook
Angler catches fish with two mouths

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