Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s rattling in the woods

 Roy Lupton is out to thin the fallow bucks this week, and Paul Childerley has new thermal kit for shooting wild boar. It is big game management as Roy takes to the woods of Sussex and weaves his way through clever does and a bobtail fox before finding the rutting stand. Meanwhile, Paul is […]

Fabulous fallow buck cull

Like hunting bucks? Managing a herd of deer requires subtlety and the ability to make quick decisions – decisions that can have long-lasting effects (as well as filling your freezer). Roy Lupton is stalking a fallow buck in the woods of the South of England. It’s the rut and he gets to use techniques including […]

Nightshooting wild boar with thermal

Paul Childerley is in Hungary using thermal imaging kit to track down wild boar at night. He is using the Pulsar Helion to protect blueberries. ▶ For more about Sako, visit ▶ For Sako rifle accessories on Amazon, visit ▶ For Sako’s UK distributor, go to ▶ Paul wears Shooterking clothing, […]

Hunters ride to the rescue of YouTube’s #TeamTrees

YouTubers from hunting and shooting channels are lending their support to top YouTubers’ efforts to plant 20 million trees. A group of 600 YouTubers including Pewdiepie and Mr Beast have launched an initiative to plant trees under the hashtag #teamtrees. Read the story on The Verge, Mashable and Wired. As well as donations to the […]


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