Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s rattling in the woods

Roy Lupton is out to thin the fallow bucks this week, and Paul Childerley has new thermal kit for shooting wild boar. It is big game management as Roy takes to the woods of Sussex and weaves his way through clever does and a bobtail fox before finding the rutting stand. Meanwhile, Paul is in Hungary keeping the boar off the blueberries. There’s a competition to win a £259 Shooterking jacket, Aaron is on the News Stump, and Charlie has Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links:

Fallow buck

For more about the Leica Fortis scope, click here
Click here for all of our films with Roy

Wild boar

For more about Sako, visit
For Sako rifle accessories on Amazon, visit
For Sako’s UK distributor, go to
Paul wears Shooterking clothing, where you can find out more about the Huntflex Forest Mist Jacket that’s the subject of our competition
To go shooting with Paul Childerley, email

Fieldsports News
Foxhunting opening meets + rugby world cup – Facebook
RSPB’s attack on shooting – Fieldsports News
Rosie the hen harrier is safe – Facebook
Worcester’s gull cull – The Guardian
Tesco faces anti-vegan backlash – Facebook
Pig farmers repel antis with water cannon – Daily Mail
Woman confronts masked mob of antis – Daily Mail – thanks also to Liz Bowring for this one
Danish government shuts down radio channel and hunting show – News story
Map of European hunters – Statista
Wolf news from Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany
Botswana president releases pro-hunting video – YouTube
Pac-Nor barrel maker burns down – website
Feral hog mauls trapper – Florida Today

Hunting YouTube

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