Carly stalks deer in Scotland

Carly Coates promised herself she would go back to stalk deer at Glen Etive in Scotland. The estate that featured in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows films and the James Bond film Skyfall is also a dramatic backdrop to some of the most challenging and rewarding deerstalking in Scotland. It is the red hind season […]

Driven wild boar: a beginner’s guide

Andy Crow shows what an amazing sport driven wild boar shooting is. He is not a complete newbie, but he knows what he needs. As well as a fabulous day hunting in the forests of Germany, he starts out at the Holland & Holland shooting cinema in West London, honing his target practice skills. Then […]

Fieldsports Britain – King Crow’s big boar hunt

Let’s get everyone out of their comfort zone and see how they get on 😄😄😄 – first up, Andy Crow leaves behind his pigeon gun and picks up his driven boar rifle. He goes on a driven hunt in Germany and, first, learns how to shoot boar at the Holland & Holland shooting cinema in […]


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