Driven wild boar: a beginner’s guide

Andy Crow shows what an amazing sport driven wild boar shooting is. He is not a complete newbie, but he knows what he needs. As well as a fabulous day hunting in the forests of Germany, he starts out at the Holland & Holland shooting cinema in West London, honing his target practice skills. Then he jumps on a ‘plane to Frankfurt and joins Frederic Hanner and party for the hunt. And what a hunt. Find out how he gets to be crowned King Crow.

▶ Andy’s rifle is a Blaser R8 – click here for Blaser’s website
▶ Andy uses a Hornady .308 ETX (Extreme Terminal Expansion) Custom International round – click here for Hornady’s website
▶ Andy learned to shoot boar in West London at Holland & Holland Shooting Ground – click here for the website


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