Veganism protected by law – Fieldsports News, 08 January 2020

Here are the links: Veganism protected by law – Daily Telegraph Has Veganuary gone too far? – Manchester Evening News Capgen#2: Veggie hunters show off their shoots – website Sab scares little girl off pony – Twitter ‘Lancashire animal save’ have attacked the Holcombe Hunt NY day meet. A woman with a megaphone screamed ‘shame […]

Crow’s big Essex driven day

  The partridges are flying – and so is Andy Crow. He changes over his Blaser F16 12-bore for a 20-bore and keeps up with the best of them at Badnocks Farm Shoot in Essex. Click here for shooting availability at Badnocks Farm Shoot Andy is sponsored by: ▶ Blaser or ▶ Gamebore […]

Quick-draw Paul culls three deer in seconds

Paul Childerley is looking after his ground in Gloucestershire. He was there the other day to shoot roe and ran into muntjac. This time he is back for roe and roe alone. ▶ To go stalking with Paul, contact▶ Click here for all our films with Paul Paul is sponsored by▶ Shooterking▶ Sako▶ Zeiss

RSPCA’s dog grabbing fundraiser

  By Ben O’Rourke Dog lover Julie Wright has spent the last five years without her healthy, well-kept and loving dogs, Jack and Homer. In 2014, after reviewing her activity on Facebook, RSPCA workers and police raided Mrs Wright’s Berkshire house. The RSPCA told police they suspected Mrs Wright trained the dogs for dogfighting and […]

Fieldsports Britain – super 20-bore partridge shoot

Andy Crow goes the whole partridge. He is in Essex, swapping his trusty 12-bore for a 20-bore and enjoying a driven day of these fast-flying birds. It’s all about speed for Paul Childerley, too. He has to make a culling decision about three roe deer on his ground in Gloucestershire. Find out how he gets […]


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