Deer reaction to being shot

Some fall over. Some run – even though they may both have been shot in the same place. Roy Lupton is out stalking fallow for the freezer. He looks at why deer react differently to shots. Roy uses this kit Ammunition: .20-06 Sako Gamehead Pro, 117-grain softpoint Scope: Leica 6.5-26×56 Rifle: Sako 85

Deer are dead, long live trees

The Scottish Government is putting public safety at risk, and wasting tens of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds littering the countryside with fencing. It has shown it is incapable of managing Scotland’s deer herds. Now it is doubling down, with tens of millions of pounds-worth of contracts to shoot the deer, and a report from its […]

Fieldsports Britain – Demonising Deer

The Scottish government wants to wipe out half of Scotland’s deer species and most of the animals left after that. Its advisors are calling for state control of wildlife, and Nicola Sturgeon is ready to listen. Niall Rowantree, deer manager on the Ardnamurchan Estate, explains how the government has got it wrong – plus where […]

Wild Justice attacks pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News, 22 January 2020

  Here are the links: Wild Justice tries to close down game-shooting – press release Anti claims to be convicted murderer – Twitter Male sab says “I’ve just come out of prison for murder & I’ll go in again” as he touches a female steward’s breast whilst calling her a “Fucking Bastard” You can also […]


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