Lead debacle continues – Fieldsports News, 4 March 2020 Fieldsports Channel

Here are the links Lead shot debacle continues Fcha.nl/leadban Government adviser says UK doesn’t need farms Daily Mail Labour’s wacky idea for farms FarmingUK.com Safari expert calls out Sir Randolph Fcha.nl/fieldsportschannelpodcast29 Hunt sabs ransack rabbit control group, steal ferrets – Facebook Warwickshire Hunt sab charged with assault – Countryside Alliance Ace angler Marina Gibson tackles […]

Gooseshooter vs antis

A few weeks ago we told you about Barry Swain’s difficulty in doing his pest control job due to persistent harassment from antis. Complaining to the police seemed to go nowhere. Despite messages from you viewers boosting his moral, Barry’s world is still a complicated one. Police are telling him one thing, while the farmer […]

Poaching gangs hit Midlands farms

By Ben O’Rourke It looks like your typical English countryside with fields, hedges and woods stretching far in all directions. But this seemingly sleepy East Midlands region is being terrorised by poachers. Slicing the area in two is the A1, which allows easy access for gangs of young adults in four-wheel drives with dogs and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Crow takes his grandson shooting

You can’t start them too young, says Crow. He takes his grandson Regan into the pigeon hide for a days decoying – and the lad loves it. Not only do we have pigeon shooting, this is the first week we unleash our new news editor. He revisits goose shooter Barry Swain, who has had more […]

Shooter arrested, threatened, abused

Barry Swain is a pest controller from Yorkshire who has paying clients who help him shoot. He had a job for a farmer to clear out a large number of Canada geese. They shot some geese and he posted the photo of the result on Facebook. It had lots of ‘likes’ from his friends. Imagine […]


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