Lead debacle continues – Fieldsports News, 4 March 2020 Fieldsports Channel

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Lead shot debacle continues Fcha.nl/leadban
Government adviser says UK doesn’t need farms Daily Mail
Labour’s wacky idea for farms FarmingUK.com
Safari expert calls out Sir Randolph Fcha.nl/fieldsportschannelpodcast29
Hunt sabs ransack rabbit control group, steal ferrets – Facebook
Warwickshire Hunt sab charged with assault – Countryside Alliance
Ace angler Marina Gibson tackles trolls after online abuse – Facebook
‘Noisy’, ‘scratching’ chickens culled on Jersey – BBC
Tracker says labrador-sized big cats roam British countryside – Gloucester Review
Irish country park and golf course close for deer cull – Irish Journal
Scottish wildlife agency strikes huge venison deal – BBC
Netflix dating show star is outed over hunting pics – Instagram
Wombats in crosshairs after South Australia approves cull – The Guardian
Drought diminishes duck season – Vic.gov.au
US airline ends decades-old support for Iditarod – local newspaper
Kiwi community enjoys hunting contest for under-16s – TV NZ
Activists tear down boar-blocking border fence – hunting magazine
Animal rescuer’s slick move frees muntjac – Independent

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