Fieldsports Britain – thermal deerhunter

As thermal spotters become the must-have tool for anyone managing wildlife, Roy Lupton takes the new Leica Calonox View out after fallow. He is stalking in Sussex as the guest of Paul Smith of Wealden Game. Down in Devon, Tom Davies is also using a thermal/night vision combination for a big night on the rabbits. […]

On test: Leica Calonox View Roy has a new toy. Mr Lupton has his hands on the new Leica thermal unit, the Calonox View, and he has an invitation to stalk fallow deer in Sussex. It’s a good chance to put the spotter through its paces, and to bring home a beast for the freezer. A herd of fallow […]

Big night rabbit shooting A farmer has got a rabbit problem in Devon. Tom Davies is out to sort it out with his .17HMR, night vision and thermal. Tom uses a £300 CZ rimfire, Pard007 night vision on a Hawke scope, Viperflex sticks, and a Pulsar XQ50 spotter. Find Tom on Facebook and InstagramClick here for all our […]

RSPB’s Geltsdale reserve: a flagship flop Ben O’Rourke The only evidence Geltsdale nature reserve in Cumbria was ever a grousemoor that hosted shoots is the former hunting lodge, which is now the RSPB’s visitor centre. The charity took over in the late 1990s and it’s been mostly downhill since then for the moorland bird population.  In 2006, Geltsdale was taken […]

Aussie duck shooter fury at short season The state of Victoria has announced a short season and a low bag limit for ducks. Local duck shooters are furious and say that, following the wettest summer for a decade and a record wildlife breeding season, the government is acting on ideological grounds, not on science. The law says duckshooters can take […]


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