Pigeon decoying like the old days, with Andy Crow

Andy Crow learned pigeon shooting with his grandfather. Now it’s time to pass on his knowledge to his own grandson. He starts with how to make your own decoys, 1950s-style (see the film below). In this film (above) he gets to the important [art. Do they work? He uses them for a sunny afternoon’s pigeon […]

When do you shoot a fox with a .22?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=59T_1xXDpe4 Jaf Jefferson is out in Somerset after rabbits with a .22 rimfire. It needs vehicle, lamp, gate opener and night vision. And he comes across a fox. Under what conditions would you shoot a fox with a .22 (given that your FAC says you are allowed to)? Jaf explains his rules. Find the South […]

Fieldsports Britain – good, old-fashioned decoying

Knotty questions in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain: Andy Crow is putting his grandfather’s style of pigeonshooting to the test. Do home-painted decoys work as well as we hope? Meanwhile, in Somerset, Jaf Jefferson is out after rabbits with a .22LR and comes across a fox. Does he take the shot or not? David has the news […]


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