UK government mulls tighter gun licensing The English government says it plans a gun licensing review in the wake of the August 2021 Plymouth shootings. Ben O’Rourke asks Christopher Graffius from BASC and former police detective Ian Jensen if these plans are workable. It’s the same old story: one person goes on a shooting rampage and law-abiding gun owners are […]

Somerset foxshooting night

With pheasants out in shoots and eager young foxes looking for an easy meal, Jaf and Paul Jefferson from the South Somerset Ferreters step up to reduce fox numbers. They are lamping and using an ATN 4K Pro. Find the South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook and YouTube More from the jolly old South Somerset Ferreters […]

Fieldsports Britain – we have to shoot more deer

Tim is surveying a new block of ground for deerstalking. He counted 250 fallow on the land – and he wonders how the British deerstalking community will manage to shoot its way out of this one. Meanwhile, gamekeepers are getting busy with the shooting season around the corner. Jaf Jefferson is out shooting foxes in […]

How to cross the UK border with guns post Brexit

It’s got better since 1 February 2020 when Brexit threw it into doubt. Research by the SCI’s UK chapter reveals that most European countries only require you to have a visitor’s hunting licence for the country where you plan to hunt, such as a German Jagdschein, plus a valid UK gun licence. The UK government […]

Gamekeeping tool: the Gerber handsaw A handsaw is a gamekeeping tool for Paul Childerley, for clearing rides and cutting back brambles. With the help of a Gerber handsaw, he explains how to use it and what it can be used for. The Gerber Gator Exchange-A-Blade Folding Saw Paul uses costs £36 from More Gerber tools here:

Crossing borders with guns gets easier – Fieldsports News, 25 August 2021 Here are the links:Travelling with guns gets easier – Fieldsports News + film courtesy of EurotunnelScotland unveils plans to dismantle grouseshooting – Scottish Government PDFWales may remove magpies from general licences – BASC + consultationGrouse sabs pose as cops in Yorkshire – Daily TelegraphAntis condition kids with material for schools – TwitterChris Packham wants […]

Holland & Holland from the 1920s that can shoot steel

Worried about steel cartridges? Our auctions expert Diggory Hadoke of selects a Holland & Holland 12-bore Royal model with two sets of barrels: the originals and newer barrels that can shoot steel. It’s in Gavin Gardiner’s upcoming auction. Holland & Holland built the self-opening sidelock ejector no 31756  in 1927 with 26½in chopper-lump barrels, […]


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