Crossing borders with guns gets easier – Fieldsports News, 25 August 2021

Here are the links:
Travelling with guns gets easier – Fieldsports News + film courtesy of Eurotunnel
Scotland unveils plans to dismantle grouseshooting – Scottish Government PDF
Wales may remove magpies from general licences – BASC + consultation
Grouse sabs pose as cops in Yorkshire – Daily Telegraph
Antis condition kids with material for schools – Twitter
Chris Packham wants social media stopped – Daily Mirror
Guns that Victoria gave Albert go under the hammer – + lot details
YouTube chops Replica Airguns channel – Fieldsports News
Deer carrying coronavirus found in the US – Bradford Era (need VPN for the link if in Europe)
American antis try to ban meat movement – Outdoor Life
Joe Biden’s Russia sanctions targets sport shooters – Ammoland + State Department
Monster catfish – Daily Mail

▶ Late news
Update on post-Plymouth-shootings gun licensing proposals

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