Antis put leak webinar evidence to a judge – Fieldsports News, 15 September 2021 Here are the links:Leaked Hunting Office webinar used in court against Master of Foxhounds – Guardian + YouTube‘Time-wasting’ council tries to stop trail hunts that don’t happen – Countryside AllianceFox complaints surge after toddler-snatching incident – Portsmouth NewsNature.Scot ends funding for Orkney goose management – Farming UKTrophy sales hold up well at auction – […]

White pheasants – what are they for? What are white pheasants? They are just ordinary pheasants that are albino – but they serve two important purposes in the countryside. They help gamekeepers find the other pheasants – and shooting them often incurs a fine for the shooter, which raises large sums for charity. Charlie Jacoby goes in search of the white […]


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