Famous Grouse artist – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 50

The man who gave us the grouse on the Famous Grouse bottle, Rodger McPhail is one of the top sporting artists in the UK. Charlie Jacoby talks to him at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre at Ragley Hall, July 2021, about what it takes to be an artist, and whom he rates among other […]

How to choose a labrador puppy

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2NZdj0Jw5c David Templar of Countryways Gundogs is one of the top labrador experts in the UK. He explains to Ollie Williams how to choose a labrador puppy, what to look for in breeding, conformation and temperament, and what hip scoring means.  Click here for more from David Templar Click here to go shooting with Ollie […]

Top gun line-up shoots high pheasants

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciTZos778MA Some of the most high-profile shots in the country come together for a Jack Pyke shoot day at the Upperwood Estate in the Peak District, including Andy Crow, Dan Thor, Jason Doyle, Paul Childerley, Wayne Martin and Brody Woollard. They are there to try high birds in a tricky breeze… and the banter and […]

Fieldsports Britain – driven shoot dream team

It’s the Marvel Guardians of the DC Beano comic galaxy shooters’ day at the Upperwood Estate in the Peak District. Everyone in the line-up of guns has their own superpower, including Andy Crow, Paul Childerley, Wayne Martin, Brody Woollard, Jason Doyle and Dan Thor. All of them are facing testing birds in a stiff wind, […]


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