The big lead shot ban debate – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 57 Let’s talk lead shot. On stage, at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre, is Alex Levett-Scrivenor from non-toxic shot company Bioammo, foxshooter and old lead purist Robert Bucknall, and Andrew Gilruth from the GWCT. Host is Charlie Jacoby. The four of them run through the lead shot issues, ask why it has to go, […]

Fieldsports News review of 2021 By Ben O’Rourke It was always going to be a tough year, hampered by lockdowns and animal rightsists pushing their lunatic agendas. However, there were some wins Fieldsports News might have had something to do with. Anglers in Sevenoaks, Kent, were threatened with eviction from a Wildlife Trusts reserve until we stepped in. The […]

Hunting hiccup – Roy shoots, David misses Is this the end of a beautiful relationship? David usually has a telepathic link with Roy Lupton. When Roy is shooting his rifle, David knows exactly where to aim his camera. But on this day out foxshooting, it all goes wrong. More films with Roy:

Three foxes down Local shooter Doug Pocklington goes out after foxes with night vision and thermal. He talks through his kit, his technique – and how, sometimes, the foxes get the better of him.     Find Doug on Facebook 


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