Hunters and anglers mount huge Ukraine aid effort by Deborah Hadfield Around the world, people are watching the relentless and ruthless assault on Ukraine. Many are not just horror-struck. They are moved to action. The Russian attack is leaving millions of people homeless.  The refugees’ suffering is a call to action for shooters and hunters all over Europe. The Kimblewick Hunt in […]

Cattyshack Wayne’s giant ferrets bolt rabbits Wayne Martin brings his ferrets for a day out with the South Somerset Ferreters. Where Jaf and the gang in Somerset favour small ferrets, Wayne’s animals are household pets and – says Jaf – the size of small labradors. It’s Wayne’s ferrets’ first outing on rabbits. See how they get on, from Ferretfinder collar […]

Fieldsports Britain – nightshooting red deer Shooting deer at night may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Niall Rowantree is enacting Scottish government policy through gritted teeth, and pointing out the problems the politicians and civil servants from Edinburgh and Glasgow are heaping on the Highlands. On a lighter note, Wayne Martin brings his ferrets to Somerset for a day […]

Spain’s failing hunting ban

by Deborah Hadfield A conservation group claims that the Spanish government plans to slaughter 5,000 red deer in a national park. Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins says a ban on hunting in Spain’s national parks, introduced in December 2020, has led to chaos. He says: “The Spanish government, through various means – through various advocacy […]


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