Gun grab victim: a serving police officer writes…

A serving police officer wrote this for Fieldsports News on condition of anonymity I, too, have been duped into coercively handing over my legally and lawfully owned sporting guns to the police and I am just as confused as your other case study subjects. Except I am a current serving police officer required to carry […]

Police offer compensation to gun grab victim by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby  Many shooters have lost their guns to police in the South-West of England since the shooting in Plymouth in August last year. Some are appealing and fighting to get their firearms back. For Peter Cook from Ashton in Cornwall, it’s too late as police admit they have destroyed […]

Fast-action rabbit-shooting from a quadbike Rabbits are munching their way through the crops on ground Paul manages in Bedfordshire.  Paul Childerley has tried many ways of reducing their numbers and it’s getting desperate. Now he and Carlos Carubis ar going to mount the quadbke, armed with a semi-auto and shoot them under the lamp.  Find Paul on Facebook and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Bronco bunny hunt Paul Childerley has tried everything on the rabbits on his ground. Last resort is to attack them with a semi-auto and a quadbike under cover of darkness. That’s the mission, and Carlos Carubia joins him on his ground in Bedfordshire for an evening bunnybashing. Meanwhile, over in Suffolk, Helen Tinner is out with Nathan […] new lobbying group for UK hunting sports

There’s a new group to help hunting. is lobbying the UK parliaments in Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont to help stop bans on hunting with hounds. It is run by security consultant and former soldier Ed Swales, who has looked carefully at the hunting debates that rage in government and in the media, and […]

Flying fibs: RSPB skews tourism figures in favour of birdwatching

The RSPB is trying to ramp up the importance of white-tailed eagles to tourism. In a new report, the birdwatching organisation says that white-tailed or sea eagles create up to £5 million of tourist spend on the Scottish island of Mull every year. It claims that visitors on Mull looking for sea eagles support 110 […]

Plymouth shootings: the police gun licensing backlash

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby Shooters in Dorset, Devon & Cornwall say the police are punishing them as a kneejerk reaction to a shooting in Plymouth in August 2021. Now the facts support them. The number of gun certificates revoked in the South-West is nine times higher than normal. BASC uncovered the figures following […]


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