British MP calls Botswana president a corrupt vandal and his actions led to ‘murder’

A senior Tory MP has lashed out at the president of Botswana. In an online video, Sir Roger Gale  said Mokgweetsi Masisi committed ‘vandalism’ for allowing hunting tourism in Botswana. The former vice-chairman of the Conservative Party described hunting as ‘murder’ and implied that president Masisi personally benefitted financially from it. Gale made his attack […]

Thermal Imaging: the Ultimate Guide

from Fieldsports Channel’s Fieldtester in association with Scott Country It’s been said before, but thermal technology really has transformed stalking and pest control, day or night. Whether you’re looking for foxes in the dark, spotting squirrels in the trees or counting deer, a thermal gives you a massive edge, saving time and allowing you to […]


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